Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Overview of Contents

"Radio Frequency Radiation Health Risks: Implications for 5G" (Grand Rounds presentation, UC San Francisco, video, slides, 2020)
"Cell Phones, Cell Towers, and Wireless Safety" (Invited public presentation at UC Berkeley / transcript, video, podcast & slides, 2019)
"Why experts believe wireless radiation is harmful" (Slides & comments from brief presentation, 2019)
International EMF Scientist Appeal -  also see https://emfscientist.org/ (video)
Wall Street Journal asks "Should Cellphones Have Warning Labels?"
Wireless Technology & Public Health Forum (video & slides)

Other Health Risks

Cell Phone Radiation

Wireless Radiation Health Risks
Power Line Frequencies or Extremely Low Frequency Fields

Politics of Wireless Radiation Research & Regulation

American Academy of Pediatrics
American Academy of Pediatrics: Protect Children from Cell Phone & Wireless Radiation

American Cancer Society
American Cancer Society: Cell Phone Radiation Risk

Berkeley Model Cell Phone Ordinance
Berkeley Cell Phone "Right to Know" Ordinance

California Public Health Department
Cell Phone Safety Guidance from the California Public Health Department
California's Cell Phone Safety Guidance: Media Coverage
California’s Cell Phone Safety Guidance: 2017 vs 2009

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
New York Times’ Exposé of CDC’s Retraction of Warnings about Cell Phone Radiation

Federal Communications Commission
FCC Open Letter: Moratorium on New Commercial Applications of RF Radiation
FCC needs input regarding allocation of spectrum for 5G
Cell Phone Industry Product Liability Lawsuit

International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection
ICNIRP’s Exposure Guidelines for Radio Frequency Fields 
Worldwide Radio Frequency Radiation Exposure Limits versus Health Effects