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Since January 2013, EMR Safety has addressed key scientific and policy developments concerning the health risks from exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and other non-ionizing electromagnetic fields. provides a curated collection of links to articles on cell phones and cordless phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters and other wireless devices.

I summarize the peer-reviewed research on health risks associated with wireless radiation including cancer risk, reproductive harm and neurological disorders; and expose the manufacturing of doubt about these risks by industry-linked scientists and organizations and by government agencies.

The web site has had more than 2.8 million page views to date by visitors from over 200 countries which attests to global concerns about the impact of wireless radiation on our health and on the environment.

During the past year, half of visitors were from outside the United States with the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Israel, and Spain represented the most. About 60% of visitors were 25-54 years of age and 60% were male.

EMR Safety reached one million page views on April 7, 2017 
and two million page views on March 11, 2019.

For visitors new to this web site or this topic, see the overviews about why we are concerned about cell phones, cell towers, and other wireless devices:

(2019 UC Berkeley presentation)

(2020 UC San Francisco Grand Rounds presentation)

For safety tips from various organizations about how to reduce your cell phone radiation exposure see: Cell Phone and Wireless Technology Safety Tips.

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The most popular posts address 5G radiation, cellphones and health, the role of cell phones in increasing cancer or tumor incidence, electromagnetic fields (EMF) in hybrid and electric automobiles, and the Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) of popular smartphones.

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