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Wireless Radiation TV News

Which wireless radiation risks 
are covered most by TV news in the USA?

Since June 2014, television stations in the U.S have aired more than 300 news stories about the health risks from wireless radiation exposure. Almost half of these stories focus on radiation risks from cell phone use, including risks to children. About a third discussed cell tower radiation risks with four dozen stories focusing on cell towers (or Wi-Fi) on school campuses. Other technologies of concern include wireless smart meters and Wi-Fi-emitting devices.

Since 2018 more than a hundred news stories have reported on health concerns about the rollout of 5G, the fifth generation of cellular technology. Public concern about this issue has been covered by national network news and by local TV stations in more than 20 states and the District of Columbia.

CBS and its affiliates have provided the most news coverage about wireless radiation and health. Besides its national news coverage, all major CBS stations have run stories including stations in the following cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Burlington, Charleston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Eugene, Houston, Kansas City (MO), Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland (OR), Raleigh, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Spartanburg (NC), Spokane, Tampa Bay, and Washington, DC. 

The above statistics are based upon Google searches for TV news stories about wireless radiation health risks where a video was posted online; thus, the overall amount of TV news coverage is under-estimated for this time period.

CBS's 60 Minutes has won every broadcast journalism award. In June, 2017, the show aired a story on smartphone addiction,"Hooked on Your Phone?", and in December, 2018, a story on the adverse effects of digital device use on children, "Phones, Tablets, and their Impact on Kids' Brains."  However, 60 Minutes has never reported on the health risks from the wireless radiation produced by these devices. Do conflicts of interest prevent 60 Minutes from covering the story about why our government has not updated the obsolete wireless regulations that the FCC originally adopted in 1996 and reaffirmed in 2019 which fail to protect us from harmful levels of wireless radiation?

Links to more than 300 televised new stories with online videos appear below. The list is sorted by TV network.

Updated: May 21, 2024

Meghan Schiller, CBS Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA), May 21, 2024

Breckenridge fire department reopens station after concerning cell tower upgrade
Spencer Wilson, CBS Colorado (Denver, CO), Dec 6, 2023

Proposed 115-foot Verizon cell tower being built in Bradenton neighborhood upsets residents
Shannon Clowe, WTSP (St. Petersburg, FL), Oct 10, 2023

Wyandotte 5G antenna debacle continues, T-Mobile and 2018 board president speak at recent school board meeting
Terell Bailey, CBS Detroit (Detroit, MI), Mar 22, 2023

Wyandotte school adds 5G cellphone tower, congressional member gets involved
Terell Bailey, CBS Detroit (Detroit, Mi), Mar 9, 2023

Proposed Clay County cell towers spark dispute among neighbors
Marleah Campbell, KCTV (Kansas City, MO), Jul 20, 2022

St Petersburg homeowners concerned about proposed 5G cell tower
Chris Rogers, WTSP (Tampa Bay, FL), Jul 6, 2022

Melissa Cooney, WCAX (Burlington, VT), Mar 7, 2022

Have you seen these beige metal boxes being installed in your neighborhood?

Melissa Correa, KHOU (Houston, TX), Jan 26-27, 2021

West County residents push back against proposed 5G cell tower
Kim St. Onge, KMOV (St. Louis County, MO), Sep 11, 2020

Palo Alto Retirement Home Residents Fight To Remove 4G, 5G Cell Towers 
Len Kiese, KPIX (CBS San Francisco), Sep 2, 2020

Oklahoma City Residents Concerned Over New 5G Towers
Karl Torp, KWTV (Oklahoma City, OK), Mar 3, 2020

Lakeside parents want cell tower removed
Kelly Hessedel, KFMB (San Diego, CA), Feb 18, 2020

Petition aims to block roll-out of 5G in Spartanburg
Henry Coburn, WSPA (Spartanburg, NC), Feb 4, 2020

Hinsdale Neighbors Fight Plans To Install 5G Cell Service, Citing Health Worries
Jermont Terry, CBS Chicago, Jan 13, 2020

5G is coming, and so is its RF radiation
WKRC (Cincinnati, OH), Dec 3, 2019

Encinitas City Council votes on 5G cell towers
Richard Allyn, CBS San Diego, Oct 30, 2019

Lisa Washington, CBS Pittsburgh, Oct 16, 2019

KCCI Investigates: Lawsuit filed over cellphone radiation
Alex Schuman, KCCI (Des Moines, IA), Sep 24, 2019
CBS This Morning, Aug 22, 2019
Stacey Butler, CBS Los Angeles, Aug 14, 2019
Tori Mason, CBS Denver, Jul 23, 2019

Hayley Watts, KVNV (Chico, CA), Jul 3, 2019

CBS13 Investigates: Could A New Cell Tower Hurt You Financially? 
A new cell tower could put a local preschool out of business.
Julie Watts, CBS Sacramento, Jun 28, 2019
CBS San Francisco, Jul 6-7, 2019

CBS Los Angeles, Jun 19, 2019

Angelina Dixson, KVAL (Eugene, OR), May 22, 2019

5G cell tower critics post 'health warning' signs
Lisa Balick, KOIN (Portland, OR), May 21, 2019

5G cell tower protest in Ashland
KTVL (Ashland, OR), May 15, 2019

Susie Steimle, CBS San Francisco, Apr 10, 2019

CBS This Morning (CBS Network news), Apr 4, 2019
Jason Puckett & David Tregde, WUSA (Washington, DC), Mar 20, 2019

Brain trauma suffered by U.S. diplomats abroad could be work of hostile foreign government
Scott Pelley, 60 Minutes (CBS Network news), Mar 17, 2019

Could Using Wireless Earbuds Be Putting You At Risk For Cancer?
Dr. Maria Simbra, CBS Pittsburgh, Mar 13, 2019

Experts: Wireless Headphones Like AirPods Could Pose Cancer Risk
Tahesha Moise, WFMY (Greensboro, NC), Mar 13, 2019

Jennifer McGraw, CBS Sacramento, Mar 13, 2019
Hannah Hilyard, KCCI (Des Moines, IA), Dec 5, 2018

CBS Philadelphia, May 29, 2018

CBS Pittsburgh, Mar 29, 2018

Richie Garza, KTVL (Medford, OR), May 25, 2018

Robert Richardson, WNCN (Raleigh, NC), Mar 28, 2018

I-Team Report: Cell Phone Dangers
Colette Boyd, WNEW (Saginaw, MI), Feb 14, 2018

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer?
Emily Turner, CBS San Francisco, Nov 15, 2017
Julie Watts, CBS San Francisco, Nov 14, 2017
Jennifer McLogan, CBS New York, Oct 19, 2017

Lemor Abrams, CBS Sacramento, Jul 12, 2017
Phil Matier, CBS San Francisco, June 28, 2017
CBS SF Bay Area, Sep 13, 2016

Julie Watts, CBS San Francisco, Sep 7, 2016

Jon Delano, CBS Pittsburgh, Sep 1, 2016

Mt. Tabor neighbors fight plans for cell towers
Chris Holmstrom, KOIN (Portland, OR), Aug 31, 2016

Addressing health concerns of new KUB smart meters
Heather Burian, WVLT (Knoxville, TN), May 31, 2016

Study reignites concern about cell phones and cancer
Paula Cohen, CBS News, May 27, 2016

WiFi in schools: Is it hurting your child?
Paul Joncich, KLAS (Las Vegas, NV), May 10, 2016

New Research Links Cell Phones To Health Issues In Children
Ami Yensi, CBS Baltimore, May 3, 2016

Cell tower proposed behind middle school causing controversy
WDRW (Columbia County, GA), May 3, 2016

Protester Claims Vice President Biden's Son Died from Cell Phone-Related Brain Cancer 
CBS SF Bay Area, Feb 28, 2016

Could Your Cell Phone Be Harming You?
Tess Leonhardt, WDTV (Bridgeport, WV), Feb 21, 2016

Notre Dame researchers target cell phone radiation
Zach Crenshaw, WSBT (Mishiwaka, IN), Jan 27, 2016

Bay Area Residents Worried About Radiation Face Uphill Battle Fighting Cell Towers
Julie Watts, CBS San Francisco, Jan 12, 2016

Scientists: Effects of cell phone radiation on kids is cause for concern
Ashley Daley, Live 5 News (Charleston, SC), Nov 6, 2015

SF Residents Battle Wireless Firms Over Super Bowl Building Boom In Neighborhood Cell Antenna Systems
Julie Watts, CBS San Francisco, Oct 31, 2015

Montgomery County parents concerned about wireless routers in schools
Mola Lenghi, WUSA9 (Maryland), Oct 20, 2015

Mark Ackerman, CBS Denver, Jul 9, 2015

Are Wi-Fi Signals Making You Sick?
Marissa Bailey, CBS Chicago, July 1, 2015

People Believe Wi-Fi Is Making Them Sick
Dr. Mallika Marshall, CBS Boston, Jun 8, 2015

Seen At 11: Is Wi-Fi Making You Sick?
CBS New York, May 20, 2015

Why I Declared Our Bedroom A Wireless-Free Zone
Julie Watts, CBS SF Bay Area, May 20, 2015

Special Report: Upgrade Outage
WMMT (Kalamazoo, MI), May 19, 2015

Berkeley Passes Nation’s First Radiation Warning For New Cellphones
CBS SF Bay Area, May 13, 2015
CBS News, May 13, 2015

Elizabeth Hinson, CBS National, May 12, 2015 (last updated May 14, 2015)
       KMOV (St. Louis, MO)
       KPAX (Missoula, MT)
       WCTV (Tallahassee, FL)
       WDTV  (Weston, West Virginia)
       WFMY (Greensboro, NC)
       WIVB (Buffalo, NY)
       WKBN (Youngstown, OH)
       WREQ (Memphis,TN)
       WTSP (Tampa Bay, FL)

Can you get radiation poisoning from your cellphone?
CBS News, May 12, 2015

Woman Cuts Family Off From WiFi Over Health Concerns
Gerri Constant, CBS Los Angeles, May 5, 2015

CBS New York, Mar 6, 2015

Samantha Cortese, KESQ (Palm Desert, CA), Feb 18, 2015 (also ABC affiliate)

In-depth investigation: Examining reports of a cancer cluster at La Quinta Middle School
Natalie Brunnell, KESQ (Palm Desert, CA), Feb 12, 2015 (also ABC affiliate)

KENS (San Antonio, TX), Nov 18, 2015

Cell phone towers raise new concerns about safety
Jason Barry, KPHO (Phoenix), Nov 10, 2015 (updated Nov. 25)

FPL, Foes Of Smart Meters Square Off
CBS Miami, Sep 30, 2014

CBS Pittsburgh, Sep 15, 2014

Brain Cancer Warning Stickers Proposed For Cellphones Sold In Berkeley
CBS SF Bay Area, Aug 22, 2014

Daniel Smithson, WSMV (Nashville, TN), Nov 15, 2023

Shawn Ley & Brandon Carr, WDIV (Detroit, MI), Apr 5, 2023
Jacqueline Francis & Brandon Carr, WDIV (Detroit, MI), Mar 31, 2023

Gus Rosendale, NBC New York, Nov 8, 2022
Seth Kovar, KRIS (Corpus Christi, TX), Mar 8, 2022

Potential new cell tower worries Topeka neighbors
Matthew Johnstone, KSNT (Topeka, KS), Feb 14, 2022

Nikki Rudd, WHEC (Rochester, NY), Jul 1, 2021

Chorus Nylander, KVOA (Tucson, AZ), Jun 14, 2021

Chorus Nylander, KVOA (Tucson, AZ), Feb 23, 2021

City of Tucson & residents have zero control over cell pole placement
Allie Potter, KVOA (Tucson, AZ), Sep 2, 2020

Group bands together against 5G technology
Lacey Lett, KFOR (Oklahoma City, OK), Mar 3, 2020

Parents Protest Cell Tower Across Street from Elementary School
Niala Charles, KNSD (San Diego, CA), Feb 28, 2020

5G Generation: Is Connecticut Ready for The New Technology?
Len Besthoff, WVIT (West Hartford, CT), Feb 21, 2020

Florida group wants restrictions on where 5G units are placed
Alexander Osiadacz, WTLV-WJXX (NBC & ABC) (Jacksonville, FL)Feb 20, 2020 

New push for Germantown cell tower raises new concerns
Kelli Cook, WMC (Memphis, TN), Jan 22, 2020

Parents Want Cellphone Tower Taken Off Church Steeple in San Jose
Damian Trujillo, NBC Bay Area, Jan 17, 2020

Northwest neighborhood concerned about possible Verizon 5G tower
Amanda Henderson, WOAI (San Antonio, TX), Jan 15, 2020

Parents, neighbors concerned over possible cell tower in NE Bend
Max Goldwasser, KTVZ (Bend, OR), Jan 6, 2020

Concerns over 5G tech in Jacksonville as City approves new regulations
Alexander Osiadacz, WJXX and WTLV (Jacksonville, FL), Dec 11, 2019 (also ABC)
WXPI (Pittsburgh, PA), Oct 23, 2019
Jacob Larsen, KTVZ (Bend, OR), Oct 3, 2019

5G Whiz
Staff, Full Measure (NBC Network), Sep 15, 2019

Chicago Tribune: FCC investigating phone radiation findings
Ali Velshi, MSNBC, Aug 23, 2019 (interview w/ Sam Roe)

Neighbors fight losing battle against 5G tower right next to Denver home
Nelson Garcia, KUSA (Denver, CO), Aug 9, 2019

Annaliese Garcia, WBBH (Fort Myers, FL), Aug 6, 2019

Cell tower causes some concern for Catalina residents
Eric Fink, KVOA (Tucson, AZ), Jun 6, 2019

Germantown withdraws plan for cell phone tower near elementary school
WMC (Memphis, TN), Jun 5, 2019

Cell phone radiation: Just how dangerous is it for you?
Angelina Dixson, KMTR (Eugene, OR), May 22, 2019

Locals plan rally against 5G rollout
KOBI (Medford, OR), May 15, 2019

Is 5G technology safe? The debate intensifies
Jennifer Lewke, WHEC (Rochester, NY), May 2, 2019

VERIFY: Does 5G cause health problems?
Gordon Severson, KARE (Minneapolis, MN), Apr 22, 2019

5G fears: Homeowners worry about mini towers in street
John Matarese, WTMJ (Milwaukee, WI), Feb 8, 2019

Testicular cancer: Why it's difficult to talk about, and why it's rising
Chris Hrapsky, KARE (Minneapolis, MN), Nov 21, 2018

People concerned about 5G as FCC approves installation
Allie Potter, KVOA (Tucson, AZ), Nov 16, 2018

Bob Segall, WTHR (Indianapolis, IN), Oct 5, 2018
Rayvan Vares, KOBI (Medford, OR), Sep 22, 2018

Not in my backyard: Are cell towers coming to your neighborhood?
Nate Morabito, WCNC (Charlotte, NC), Jul 27, 2018

Pacific Power Installing Smart Meters in Jackson County
Elizabeth Ruiz, KOBI (Medford, OR), Jul 2, 2018

Palo Alto City Leaders Approve Verizon Cell Towers
Ian Cull, NBC Bay Area, May 22, 2018

Natassia Paloma, KTSM (El Paso, TX), Apr 17, 2018

New Study Links Cancer to Cell Phone Use
Tami Tremblay, KTVB (Boise, ID), Feb 8, 2018

New study reigniting cell phone, cancer debate
Rob Hughes, WCNC (Charlotte, NC), Feb 6, 2018

Study of rats reveals cellphone radiation risk is low
Erika Edwards, NBC Connecticut (West Hartford, CT), Feb 5, 2018
NBC Southern California, Feb 5, 2018

Aiken County Planning Commission recommends denying request for new cell phone tower
Ben Billmyer & Lia Fernandez, WRDW (Aiken County, SC), Jan 18, 2018

New guidance issued for avoiding cell phone radiation
Bob Segall, WTHR (Indianapolis, IN), Dec 26, 2017

How worried do we need to be about cell phone radiation?
Sean Franklin, WBIR (Knoxville, TN), Dec 22, 2017

Health officials release guidelines on dangerous cellphone radiation
Madeline Cuddihy, WXIA (Atlanta, GA), Dec 19, 2017

Debate over Cell Towers in Hillsborough
NBC Bay Area, Dec 18, 2017

Proposed bill would cover potential injuries from microwaves, cellphones
Elisha Machado, WWLP (Springfield, MA), Nov 28, 2017

New cellphone tower has some residents concerned
Kaylie Spotts, WNWO (Whitehouse, OH), Sep 4, 2017

Controversial T-Mobile cell phone tower back on Roswell's agenda
Christopher Hopper, WXIA (Atlanta, GA), Jul 11, 2017

Texas teen electrocuted after cell phone incident in bathtub
Presley Fowler, KCBD (Lubbock, Tx), Jul 11, 2017

2 students get cancer; Ripon parents want cell towers removed from schools
Natalie Brunell, KCRA (Sacramento, CA), Jun 20, 2017

Government Study Links Cellphone Radiation to Cancer
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, May 27, 2017

Greenbelt Residents Worried About Health Effects of Cellphone Tower
Darcy Spencer, NBC Washington (DC), Apr 25, 2017

Cellphone safety tips to limit radiation exposure
Natalie Brunell, KCRA (Sacramento, CA), Apr 9, 2017

Sign puts Berkeley in center of cellphone debate
Natalie Brunell, KCRA (Sacramento, CA), Apr 9, 2017

How to reduce electromagnetic fields created by electricity
Meredyth Censullo, KFLA (Tampa, FL), Mar 31, 2017

Cell Phone Cancer Debate Heats up With Document Release
Scott Budman, NBC Bay Area, Mar 3, 2017

State health officials accused of keeping cell phone dangers secret
Vicki Gonzalez, KCRA (NBC Sacramento), Mar 3, 2017

Jeff Gillan, KSNV (NBC Las Vegas), Mar 3, 2017

Researchers: Long-term cell phone use may increase your risk for a brain tumor
Bob Segall, WTHR (Indianapolis, IN), Feb 21, 2017

Special Report: The Facts about Smart Meters
Joy Wang, WILX (Lansing, MI), Feb 12, 2017

Board denies proposed Greendale cell tower
Rebecca Klopf, WTMJ (Milwaukee, WI), Feb 7, 2017

Radiation-blocking underwear and five other crazy CES gadgets
Matt Granite, WGRZ (Buffalo, NY), Jan 7, 2016
Mark Matthews & Stephen Ellison, NBC Bay Area (San Jose, CA), Sep 13, 2016

Jackie Bensen, NBC Washington (DC), Sep 2, 2016

Government study links cell phone radiation to cancer
Maggie Fox, NBC News, May 27, 2016

Piper Glenn residents cite eagles in cell tower fight
Jean Elle, NBC Bay Area (San Jose, CA), Mar 21, 2016

BGE makes case for another rate hike
George Lettis, WBAL (Baltimore, MD), Mar 18, 2016

North Kingstown teacher says she's being fired because she believes WiFi is health hazard
Brian Crandall, WJAR (Providence, RI), Feb 23, 2016

Kids Face Potential Radiation Danger Using Cell Phones
Shanay Campbell, WSAV (Savannah, GA), Nov 6, 2015

Scientists: Effects of cell phone radiation on kids is cause for concern
Ashley Daley, WMBF (Myrtle Beach, SC), Nov 6, 2015

Pediatricians express concern over growing cellphone use, radiation exposure for children
Meghan McRoberts, WPTV (West Palm Beach, FL), Nov 6, 2015

Potential radiation danger to kids using cell phones

Shannon Wolfson, KXAN (Austin, TX), Nov 5, 2015

Pediatricians' new warning: Limit children's exposure to cellphones
Danielle Dellorto, NBC Today Show, Nov 5, 2015

Report Examines Cell Phone Radiation
Jean Elle, NBC Bay Area, Sep 24, 2015

Group wants cell towers gone
Barry Sims, WBAL (Anne Arundel County, MD), Sep 22, 2015

Neighborhood fights possible new cell tower on church property
Forrest Sanders, WSMV (Nashville, TN), Jul 30, 2015

Residents protest cell tower installation citing health concerns
Sophia Kunthara and Melissa Etezadi, NBC Southern California, Jul 20, 2015

Wireless companies sue Berkeley over cellphone radiation warning ordinance
Tamara Palmer, NBC Bay Area (San Jose, CA), Jun 8, 2015

Berkeley approves "Right to Know" cell phone radiation warning ordinance
Jean Elle, NBC Bay Area 
 (San Jose, CA), May 12, 2015

West Seattle residents protest new cell phone antennas
Alex Rozier, KING (Seattle, WA), May 7, 2015

Bay Area documentary "Mobilize" examines cell phone dangers
Jean Elle, NBC Bay Area 
 (San Jose, CA), Mar 28, 2015

ABC News

Proposal would require new cell towers to be at least 1,500 feet away from schools in Williamson County
Kendall Ashman, WKRN (Nashville, TN), Jan 30, 2024

Kim Russell, WXYZ (Detroit, MI), Mar 29, 2023

T-Mobile addresses concerned parents about the cell tower in Wyandotte
Peter Maxwell, WXYZ (Detroit, MI), Mar 22, 2023
WXYZ (Detroit, MI), Mar 21, 2023

Brett Kast, WXYZ (Detroit, MI), Mar 14, 2023
Kim Russell, WXYZ (Detroit, MI), Mar 1, 2023

Englewood neighborhood outraged by city's plan to build 5G tower in front of home
Bayan Wang, KCDO (Denver, CO), Jul 7, 2022

Ashley Paradez, KNXT (Phoenix, Az), Aug 11, 2021
Rebekah Castor, WEAR (Pensacola, FL), Jan 21, 2021

Residents outraged as more 5G antennas are approved in Pensacola
Rebekah Castor, WEAR (Pensacola, FL), May 10, 2020

5G technology brings potential and tension
Kylie McGivern, WFTS (Tampa Bay, FL), Mar 30, 2020

Cell tower near elementary school sparks concern
Lindsay Pena, Zac Self, KGTV (San Diego, CA), Feb 27, 2020

Concerns over health lead to cellphone tower protest in Camas
Joe English, KATU (Portland, OR), Feb 5, 2020

Alexander Osiadacz, WJXX and WTLV (Jacksonville, FL), Dec 11, 2019 (also NBC)

Montgomery Co. considers 5G, but health concerns have residents protesting
Jay Korff, WJLA (Washington, DC), Nov 19, 2019

Carmel homeowners raise concerns over 5G small cell towers
Kara Kenney, WRTV (Indianapolis, IN), Oct 4, 2019

Can 5G cell phone antennas impact your pacemaker?
Jennifer Munoz, WEAR (Pensacola, FL), Sep 27, 2019

Small Cell tower and 5G concerns and benefits
Andrew Donley, WBMA (Birmingham, AL), Sep 23, 2019

Mystery towers going up all over Cincinnati area: Homeowners worry about possible health effects
John Matarese, WCPO (Cincinnati, OH), Sep 20, 2019

5G could come with health risks, critics say
Sharyl Attkisson, WBFF (Baltimore, MD), Sep 15, 2019

Concern, opposition grows to 5G in Colorado Springs
Scott Harrison, KRDO (Colorado Springs, CO), Aug 28, 2019

Los Altos man leads effort to keep AT&T wireless nodes away from daughter's bedroom, neighborhood
Amanda del Castillo, KGO (San Francisco, CA), Jul 11, 2019

Adam Cron, KCWI (Des Moines, IA), Jun 14, 2019

Denver Public Schools faces backlash from parents about placement of cell towers on schools
Russell Haythorn, KMGH (Denver, CO), Jun 7, 2019

West Boca tower proposal meets resistance at zoning meeting
Ron Burke, WPBF (Boca Raton, FL), Jun 7, 2019

Albany residents debate safety of 5G
WNYT (Albany, NY), May 17, 2019

Protesters rally against 5G in San Diego
KGTV (San Diego, CA), May 15, 2019 

Local group rallies in Asheville as part of national protest over 5G technology
WLOS (Asheville, NC), May 15, 2019

Group rallies against 5G roll out
KDRV (Medford, OR), May 15, 2019

Rina Nakano, KGTV (San Diego, CA), Mar 12, 2019
Keaton Thomas, KATU (Portland, OR), Mar 11, 2019

5G fears: Homeowners worry about mini towers in street
John Matarese, WCPO (Cincinnati, OH), Feb 8, 2019

Caroline Reinwald, WISN (Milwaukee, WI), Jan 4, 2019
Tonya Simpson & Diane Wilson, WTVD (Raleigh, NC), Oct 1, 2018
Jennifer Emert, WLOS (Asheville, NC), Sep 27, 2018
Vic Lee, KGO (San Mateo, CA), Sep 20, 2018

WJLA (Washington, DC), Apr 6, 2018

Tiffany Neely, KAIT (Jonesboro, AR), Apr 3, 2018

Does cell phone radiation cause cancer? Scientists gather at RTP to discuss
Sam Benson Smith & Zak Dalheimer, KESQ (Thousand Palms, CA), Feb 15, 2018

Katie Marzullo, KGO (San Francisco, CA), Dec 9, 2017

Can mobile phone use lead to health problems?
Abigail Elise, WISN (Milwaukee, WI), May 14, 2017

Long Island Residents Outraged by Cellphone Towers in Front of Homes
N.J. Burkett, WABC (New York, NY), May 11, 2017 

Cell phones and cancer, is there a connection?
Kerri O'Brien, WRIC (Richmond, VA), Mar 20, 2017

CA Health Dept. Releases Report Saying Cellphone Use May Cause Cancer
Lyanne Melendez, KGO (San Franciscom CA), Mar 3, 2017

Parents fight plan to put cell tower near playground at Virginia elementary school
Richard Reeve, Jay Goldberg, WJLA (Washington, DC), Sep 28, 2016

San Jose residents fight cellphone tower proposal over radiation concerns
Lisa Amin Gulezian, KGO (San Francisco, CA), Aug 13, 2016

Alpine residents outraged over EMF levels from Sunrise Powerlink
Ariel Wesler, KGTV (San Diego, CA), Feb 24, 2016

Notre Dame researchers making a faster and safer phone
Brandon Pope, WBND (South Bend, IN), Feb 5, 2016

New concerns over kids and electronics
Shannon Murray, KVUE (Austin, TX), Dec 3, 2015

Parents upset over cell tower possibly being installed near Weho school
Mayde Gomez, KABC (Los Angeles, CA), Dec 1, 2015

City leaders, neighbors raise concerns about cell towers
Kayla Moody, WHAS (Louisville, KY), Oct 28, 2015

Cell phone industry sues city of Berkeley
Lyanne Melendez, KGO (San Francisco, CA), Aug 20, 2015

Alki Beach residents protest plan for cell antennas near school
Theron Zahn, KOMO (Seattle, WA), May 7, 2015

Lake Ronkonkomo residents speak out against proposed cell tower in neighborhood
Kristin Thorne, WABC (New York, NY), Apr 29, 2015

Workers say cell tower sites putting them at risk
Cristin Severance, KGTV (San Diego, CA), Mar 19, 2015 (updated Mar 24, 2015)

Ann Arbor family has power shut off by DTE in dispute over installing new SMART meter on their home
Dave LewAllen, WXYZ (Detroit, MI), Mar 18, 2015

WZZM (Lansing, MI), Dec 2, 2014

WFTV (Orlando, FL), Dec 2, 2014

KSAT (San Antonio), Sep 22, 2014 (updated Sep 23, 2014

Fox News

EMF & EMR – Invisible Electromagnetic Radiation Lurking in Most of Our Homes

Fox 24 (Charleston, SC), Oct 6, 2023

Detroit-area superintendent resigns over 5G antenna protests
Fox News Channel (Associated Press), Apr 6, 2023

Brandon Hudson & Amber Ainsworth, Fox 2 Detroit (Detroit, MI), Apr 5, 2023

Scientist says T-Mobile cell equipment on top of Wyandotte school is a health danger
Brandon Hudson & David Komer, Fox 2 Detroit (Detroit, MI), Mar 24, 2023

Residents protest cell towers in Montgomery County
Sierra Fox, Fox 5 DC (Washington, DC), Oct 11, 2022
Marla Tellez, KTTV (Los Angeles, CA), July 7, 2021
Brooks Jarosz, KTVU (Oakland, CA), Apr 21, 2021

Hoosiers fight against 5G towers near homes
Kayla Sullivan, WXIN (Indianapolis, IN), Dec 28, 2020
Michael Martin, WXMI (East Grand Rapids, MI), Aug 31, 2020

Edmond group to voice concerns about 5G towers
KOKH (Oklahoma City, OK), Feb 25, 2020

Group plans to share 5G tower concerns with Edmond city council
William Maetzold, KOKH (Oklahoma City, OK), Feb 19, 2020

Tech companies begin installing 5G poles in New Orleans
Rilwan Balogun, WVUE (New Orleans, LA), Jan 23, 2020

Parents concerned over potential cell tower at local elementary
Jeremy Pierre, WHBQ (Memphis, TN), Jan 14, 2020

Verizon launches 5G service in Boston, but what are the potential drawbacks?
Jim Morelli, WFXT (Boston, MA), Nov 19, 2019

La Mesa residents raise concerns over 5G towers
Justina Myers, KFWB (San Diego, CA), Oct 22, 2019

5G warning posters placed around Downtown Orlando
Matthew Trezza, WOFL (Orlando, FL), Jun 14, 2019

San Francisco is resisting 5G, calling it 'ugly' and 'dangerous'
Brooke Crothers, Fox News network, Jun 1, 2019

Locals plan rally against 5G rollout
KMVU (Medford, OR), May 15, 2019

Parents upset about possible cell tower near Germantown elementary school
Jacque Masse, WHBQ (Memphis, TN), Mar 18, 2019

Are Apple AirPods putting you at risk for cancer?
Dr. Marc Siegel, Tucker Carlson Tonight / Fox News Network, Mar 13, 2019

WTTG (Washington, D.C.), April 4, 2018

Could your cell phone be endangering your health?
Jeff Abell, WBFF (Baltimore, MD), Feb 20, 2018

Opposition to cell towers in Hillsborough
Tom Vacar, KTVU (Oakland, CA), Dec 19, 2017

Health officials warn sleeping near cell phone could cause cancer and infertility
Darren Sweeney, WJW (Cleveland, OH), Dec 18, 2017

Family chooses to live with no power rather than a DTE Smart Meter
Danielle Miller, KSAZ (Phoenix, AZ), Feb 22, 2016

Cell phones and fertility
Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil, WNYW (New York City, NY), Feb 21, 2016

Health concerns over Wi-Fi technology exposures in schools
Laura Evans, WTTG (Washington, DC), Feb 15, 2016

Cell Phone Dangers?
Stacey Delikat, WNYW (New York City, NY), Jan 16, 2016

High Point neighbors speak out against cell tower project
Jeremy Finley, WBRC (Franklin, TN), Nov 23, 2015

Pediatricians express concern over growing cellphone use, radiation exposure for children
WFLX (West Palm Beach, FL), Nov 6, 2015

Scientists: Effects of cell phone radiation on kids is cause for concern
Ashley Daley, Fox Carolina News (Greenville, SC), Nov 6, 2015

Amber Lee, KTVU (Oakland, CA), May 12, 2015

How to spot potential radiation hiding in your home

Fox News (national), Feb 1, 2015

Experts: Why wearable tech could pose health risks
Brooke Crothers, Fox News (national), Oct 20, 2014
Jacqueline Howard, CNN, Feb 7, 2018
Electrosensitivity, Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Oct 24, 2017 (also CNN International)

Cell phone radiation increases cancers in rats, but should we worry?
Hanna Tiede, KOLD (Tucson, AZ), Jun 21, 2021

Matt Ristaino, Spectrum News 1 (Worcester, MA), May 13, 2021

Neighborhood residents say Pittsfield cell tower causing health concerns
Neighborhood residents say Pittsfield cell tower causing health concerns
Neighborhood residents say Pittsfield cell tower causing health concerns
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