Monday, January 7, 2013

Media: Children’s Cell Phone Use

The risk of radiation: Cell phone use and children
John Briley, Mothering Magazine, May 30, 2011

European study reports no brain tumor risk among young cell phone users
Louis Slesin, Microwave News, July 27, 2011

Cell phone brain cancer study doesn't ring true? Scientists explain why
Deb Courson Smith, Public News Service (Berkeley, CA), July 28, 2011

'Cellphones don't increase kids' cancer risk' study flawed, experts say
Natalie Wolchover, LiveScience, July 28, 2011

Study on cancer risk from cell phones is questioned
 Cleveland Plain Dealer, Aug 9, 2011
 (Based on report by Mary Kuhlman, Public News Service, Columbus, OH, Aug 8, 2011

Cell phone study was flawed, say some experts
Roxanne Nelson, Medscape Medical News, August 30, 2011

Cell phones and cancer: Critics say kids risk brain tumors
Carrie Gann, ABC News Medical Unit, ABC Good Morning America, April 5, 2012

A close call: Why the jury is still out on mobile phones
Nina Lakhani, The Independent (London), April 24, 2012
Is a rise in brain tumours linked to the radiation sources we hold so close to our heads? Experts can’t agree on the answer
'The biggest experiment of our species': With five billion mobile users in the world, conference calls for research into potential brain cancer risk
Eddie Wrenn, Daily Mail (London), April 24, 2012