Friday, May 8, 2015

Oregon: Cell Phone & Wi-Fi Safety Warning Legislation

The bill would prohibit retailers from providing a consumer with a cell phone unless the phone and its packaging contained a specific label. 
"(2) A retailer may not willfully or knowingly sell or lease, offer for sale or lease or otherwise distribute a cellular telephone in this state unless the cellular telephone bears a label that: 
(a) Is conspicuous, legible and nonremovable; 
(b) States in bold letters:
“WARNING: This is a radio-frequency (RF), radiation-emitting device that has nonthermal biological effects for which no safety guidelines have yet been established. Controversy exists as to whether these effects are harmful to humans. You may limit your exposure to RF radiation by limiting your use of this device and keeping it away from the head and body.”; 
(c) Is affixed to both the front and back of the packaging of a cellular telephone; and 
(d) Is affixed to the back of a cellular telephone and occupies at least 30 percent of the back surface of the cellular telephone." 
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Oregon House Bill 3350

Oregon State Representative Alissa Kenyguyer has proposed House Bill 3350 which directs the Oregon Department of Education to prepare a statement that would disclose the potential health risks of wireless technology. 

The bill requires public and private schools to distribute the statement annually to school employees and to parents of students. The bill declares an emergency stating that such an act is necessary for the immediate preservation of public peace, health and safety. 

The bill was introduced on February 27, 2015 and was referred to the Health Care Committee on March 6. 

If the bill is adopted, it would take effect on July 15, 2015.